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I’m an ex-magazine editor that now works with a digital product agency where we help businesses, brands, and brave souls with great ideas design and build their dream products.

Coalesce is a full-stack shop that can augment your existing team or be your full technology arm. We also help run a quarterly meetup call Product Council.


I’m a producer-director with the Emmy-nominated event production company BBQ Films. We create transportive and thematic film screenings in extraordinary locations alongside actors, intricate sets, immersive experience, live music, and more. We use┬ástorytelling to create community, bringing an element of surprise and excitement to fans via their favorite franchises.


I built a camper van during the pandemic out of a 2012 Ford Transit Connect (Instagram Highlights documented the transformation). I used to write a sex and relationship column for Men’s Health magazine called Ask Her Anything.

I’m the proud secretary of a long-running book club, and a member of the women-led activism group I Will Not Be Quiet. I like astronomy, live theater, treehouses, museums, and enthusiasts of any kind.