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Earth + Water + Fire

How it works: You place your hands on special aura-approved metal places by your sides and sit still for a photograph. An assistant will take your photo using a special aura-specific lens. Minutes later, your Polaroid will showcase a multitude of colors, representing a snapshot of your current aural reading. Otherwise known as magic. (See also: “Signs from the universe,” “Earth energy,” and “What else are you going to believe in?”)

The colors represent strength of your specific chakras.


Good reasons to get an aura reading:

1. You’re looking for spiritual guidance.

2. You’re near Magic Jewelry in Chinatown.

My most recent reading was a combination of both. Here, a transcribed recording of my reading. I took the liberty to highlight (what I think may be) the most important parts:

When you have red color, you have to work independently. You have to spend lots of energy doing something. Sometimes you have people help you, but usually you have to do things by yourself. Your life is very busy. Around this week is not that busy, but this week you have to deal with social life to deal with people. But next week you are very busy. You have strong energy. Everything will be very smooth and will be better than now. You have some goal you want to achieve. You are quite positive about what you want to get. But you are working on it. There is some distance between your idea and the reality. Sometimes you feel struggling about what you want to do. But in general you are positive. 

Actually you are the person that is very direct and you have very strong physical energy. When you decide to do something, you will make it happen. When you make a decision, you do it. You hate to postpone things. You just run. Also you have yellow color–that part make you knowledgeable. You like to learn. You have the quality of literature. So it’s easier to get people to trust you and rely on you. 

But the health part–it is very easy for you to feel tired. Actually your spiritual energy is very strong. But your physical energy is not that strong. If you work too much, it’s easy for you to feel uncomfortable. 

Green area–you want some changes. Actually you only have the feelings. Even not in your mind you don’t have any planning. But for your heart, you want some different things. And related to your work, you want some different things. Probably just some feelings but not even any thoughts. I would say pay attention to your health. 

Featured homepage image from a Prism of Threads–beautiful photography!