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I tripped the light fantastic for this installation from Windmill Studios in Republic Square Park at SXSW this year. To me, the world can be easily segmented into two groups of humans. People who are still fascinated by balloons as adults, and trolls. Singular dollops of helium floating through the atmosphere just gets me every time.

+ sound-activated LED lights
+ music by Leah Siegel
+ stumbling upon this experience arm-in-arm with a kindred soul


Light Field – The Windmill Factory

(Musée du Louvre, MIT Media Lab, The New Museum, Nine Inch Nails) with Robert Bose and Lumigeek 

Inspired by swimming with bioluminescence… one hundred wirelessly controlled LED balloons create a floating pixel forest. Visitors pass through a grove of balloons and may transform the visual landscape, adjusting the speed and color of the Light Field. Leah Siegel of Leisure Cruise, will guest to perform live sets on the balloons.